Baby Has Shoes

28 11 04 Read. Confusion. Trying to figure out. Ideas. Where to go? Magdala or Magdalene was (?) a Benjamite. Weren't the Benjamites overrun by David? This the Royal connection as Jesus was possibly from the line of David. Explain this love to them. They say they give but who gives in a war? No, … Continue reading Baby Has Shoes

Virgins And OGU

25 11 04 Thinking of things that could make sense. Verisimilitude. Illusion. Delusion. Etc. What is the only way a child can be born of a virgin? How can a child be born of a virgin? How is a virgin child-birth possible? -The mother of the child is not a woman. -The child is unaware … Continue reading Virgins And OGU

Links Berg Hoch

18 11 04 Someone is being chased and as he practically defeats his chaser (who is chasing for ransom) he cuts a deal with him. "Okay, you got me. Turn me in. Collect your ransom but then come back and get me out." The story is what happens between chaser and chased to cause him/them … Continue reading Links Berg Hoch

Watermelon Justice?

17 11 04 The watermelon army. Name given to army put together by G. Washington to fight whiskey tax rebels (1794). This the first state vs fed confrontation. Thomas Jefferson resigned as Sec of State over the matter because he sided with the states who were opposed to such fed power. See also Herman Husband. … Continue reading Watermelon Justice?

Stop Being With Stupid

15 11 04 - Moleskine Choice isn't about choosing but instead about which wrong(s) to pick. A little help from our worst-friend Zoroaster: A supreme being created twins of reality and unreality. These are not about good and evil. Reality is objectivity. Unreality is subjectivity. Subjectivity becomes negative when we become subject to it. So. … Continue reading Stop Being With Stupid

Her Opposites

13 11 04 - Moleskine (including handwritten note). Arrival. Home? Home away from home. In a trance. Listening to ghost-like words from my son's wisdoms: Wenn eine Lügt dem glaubt man nicht auch wenn er dann die Wahrheit spricht. I think of nature. What is her opposites? Religion? Politics? Humanity? Belief, love, hope? (Just thought … Continue reading Her Opposites

A Spec

11 11 04 - Moleskine I would fall 1000 times to test whether my heart cannot possibly break. But to what and will my silly gesture lead? I have received it. Yet again. And as I will. Soon. You for it. The jolt of my broken America or perpetual decay the white to my yoke. … Continue reading A Spec

After Math

06 11 04 - Moleskine What are the things that modify? No, I mean motivate. Words and thoughts from others. Just finished Walden. Very inspiring but of all the nature I've been subject to it is the most non-sexual composition I have yet encountered. The author is asexual, right? There are practically no words, and … Continue reading After Math

Old Getting

05 11 04 - Moleskine So few entries. Not just in this notebook. I spent the evening thinking about old people. Odd how so little of my thoughts having anything to do with my oldness. But O, let's review these silly words in another thirty years. Idear: a retire community, a grocer (Publix) and the … Continue reading Old Getting

The End

03 11 04 - A weeping Moleskine. The intellectual (or lack thereof) coup detat is complete. It is now AMERICAN'T. America's dungeon doors are now locked, sealed. Her fate for the next century is enclosed with the emblem of Dubya (George W. Bush). Coins and cents will be tarnished with his resemblance and the mediocre … Continue reading The End