Old Getting

05 11 04 – Moleskine

So few entries. Not just in this notebook. I spent the evening thinking about old people. Odd how so little of my thoughts having anything to do with my oldness. But O, let’s review these silly words in another thirty years.

Idear: a retire community, a grocer (Publix) and the old men packing the groceries. Retirement, what a privilege. Voting conservative. How can people not vote for Bush/Dubya? Even if the retired men packing groceries iterates his disgust for Dubya conservatism, secretly, deep down inside, he wants Dubya there because he will preserve his privilege.

Greek wannabe gulf town just north of St. Petersburg. Thinking about lawyers, don’t remember why, probably something to do with lobbyists or Dubya confusion. And so a play about American’t confusion driven by lawyering and tainted by media. Has this (sarcasm on) been done before? The protagonist wants to change the world but is finally beaten down by the system that he’s underestimated. The play/story is about his beating, defeat as an idealist. In the end he loses his cool and takes on the lame-brain lawsuit against him. He then runs amok. SNL producer for killing so many really fat comedians, i.e. Belushi, Farley, etc., and they died so young.