After Math

06 11 04 – Moleskine

What are the things that modify? No, I mean motivate. Words and thoughts from others. Just finished Walden. Very inspiring but of all the nature I’ve been subject to it is the most non-sexual composition I have yet encountered. The author is asexual, right? There are practically no words, and certainly no thoughts, on women. What was Thoreau thinking? There was nothing about family either. Or Children. Very confusing.


“S11.2” A Play.

A play about the aftermath of a second 9/11. This time the country has fallen apart. Banks out of cash. Cities in ruins because infrastructure neglected due to govt. spending even more on protection. Huge regional packets of American’t are in apocalyptic chaos where corporations like Nike, McDonald’s, etc. were dropped from a “favorites list” of govt and hence left open to the hyenas.