She Walks In Gun Store

16 11 04

America. America. Do you hear the calling? Don’t kill the messenger, please. I’m just ’round (t)here, under your chin. I know it’s a mess but most porn endings are. So what. Don’t wipe me off with your spotted hanky just yet.

A woman walks into a gun store. The owner is always thrilled ot have a female customer. So he puts a little extra effort into providing her service. That she has no clue about guns makes the situation even more exciting. He asks her what she wants one for. She replies “I want to kill my husband because he’s been cheating on me with another woman.” The gun store owner steps back and goes into a short speech about how dedicated he is to selling guns and providing good service. But when people come in and cynically approach him and say things like that, well… He finds no amusement in it and would prefer not to do business with a cynic. “No, I’m serious. I want to buy a gun,” she says. He tells her again that he doesn’t do that kind of business. Then she pulls out a picture from her purse and gives it to the store owner. He looks at it. Pause. It’s the woman’s husband with the gun owners wife.

What’s the motto?

Rant on.