Links Berg Hoch

18 11 04

Someone is being chased and as he practically defeats his chaser (who is chasing for ransom) he cuts a deal with him. “Okay, you got me. Turn me in. Collect your ransom but then come back and get me out.” The story is what happens between chaser and chased to cause him/them to turn. The chaser turns in the chased only to break out again. But then the two (chaser and changed) realize that the the true/real motivator (Auftraggaber) is really a nice guy and only wants to help. But help what?


What–when someone dies and it is not their life–past that flashes before eyes but instead the future which then brings him back to life? (Stop. Pay tribute.)

Between deals the men walk in directions beyond their control. (So get directions? Not likely.) Like a lifeless but happy amiba just before asexual propagation takes the order of the day.


Bill Board. Bill has just inherited his father’s business. Bill Senior was a ruthless man bent on success. But his life comes to an abrupt end just as he is about to make a deal. His son, arrogant and unattached to his father, inherits the business. As the lawyers inform the sun about The Will and everything else, Bill Junior really has no clue about was what his father actually did. Now that he gets it all, he also wants to change it. The beginnings of Ted Turner and the billboard company he turns into an empire. Generation change, and the like. The start of cable and 24X7 news. How to blind a nation with billboards.

Direction note: Autobahn 46 > Wuppertal-Katenberg, Rechts runter, Shell/Aldi, weiter Xreuyung, links Berg hoch.

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