Sion Conspiracy Craze

24 11 04

Shipped yesterday. Shipping a lot lately. Never quite know where I might fall or if the ground is hard or not. The reason for it is obvious. My mouth. She runs on at times. It’s very difficult keeping pace, you know. It came especially fast last night–pushed on by too much wine. Couch potato philosophy which is the only thing I’m good at. Took the moment. I was trying to address the issue of meaning in a meaningless world. In doing so mentioned a woman with child. This was immediately misunderstood. A woman does not have to have child for meaning but if she has nothing else then there is no wonder why so many idiots are born. Her meaning cannot be passed on the child. Of course the context of the discussion should be addressed. Yes, the great contrast among content and context. Oh, that issue of meaning.

Worst-writing of which…

Who is waiting for the Merovingian descendent? Those waiting for the first or second coming? How ’bout the third? Oh yeah. The whole thing will be a shing-ding. And the whole of America is caught in its bahn. How do you fool an entire nation? How do you hide the greatest kept secret in history only to wipe it out at the right moment?

You’ve got to be kidding me.


What if it turns out that the family of the president of the USA is actually the descendent of King David? What if this family was/is about to reveal a secret that would prove for the Jews the first, for the christians the second coming. Oh boy. The knüller of the story though is the protagonist and audience think the president and his very influential family are the embodiment of the coming. But this is not the case. In fact the president is only a messenger. Like John the Baptist. For whatever reason he is only the messenger–which it turns out he didn’t know anything about. And what about that John fellow? Where does he fit in here? At least I feel comfortable that such an idear could compete with TV. How does the Prieure du Sion fit in here? Is Bush senior the head of it now? Oh, I mean the father of the president. This is all NOT about the best kept secret in history but instead the most perfect lie ever told. Characters? Verarsch. Make fun of the crazed interest in sons of sons of gods. Who are the characters? Luke, Mat(hew), Mark and the unknown John. But there’s others too? The two Mary’s, one of which is called the great widow or the widow from across the sea? Just remember! The meek are the ones who have nothing to lose. The powerful have to spend too much time protecting their power. And then there’s the… secret society thing–that which makes the world go ’round.

Oh, I ask, what is as silly as a man smoking menthol cigs and NOT knowing what they are?

Rant on.