Virgins And OGU

25 11 04

Thinking of things that could make sense. Verisimilitude. Illusion. Delusion. Etc.

What is the only way a child can be born of a virgin? How can a child be born of a virgin? How is a virgin child-birth possible?

-The mother of the child is not a woman.
-The child is unaware that it has a mother.
-The child is not born of a woman.
-The child is born of a man. (But no one likes this idear much.)
-The child doesn’t actually exist. That is, it has no physical form.

How do we know that what we have known as god is in reality something else? Maybe Satan wasn’t a bad angel but a revolutionary who stepped out of bounds. The whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me…

The cornering of a major secret society member. How would he react? What would he/she do to save its skin?

The anatomy of deception.

It’s when you stop questioning. Questioning is the answer. When a child wants all the answers which you’ll never be able to give remind hime or teach him that (or reassures) he will or can find solace in spending a life questioning.

How can I make a virgin? Can a virgin be made/manufactured?

German cat on hat tin roof in Kleineshaus Wiesbaden. Saw an article title on the board outside that said/declared: Die suche nach Realistische Stücke. Oh boy, what in now/this week…

And I will watch the play of TW with the thought of virgins, especially male virgins, possibly Eunuchs, who walk the planet waiting for their next command. Eunuchs are Eunuchs because they try to be like angels–god’s workers. It will all happen after Act 2 from TW that the coming of part 2 will take the public by storm.

It was Cain who slay his borther and then he was banished to the world. But what of his surviving mother and father? And what of the other siblings?

Wait! The answer to the question of the virgins (which I probably didn’t ask correctly to begin with). It could be (she could be) a vassal or a ship never sailed but can’t exist without a very special cargo. That is, the ship can’t exist without its special cargo.

What is causal being?

Man + Woman = subject + object
+ + – = subject + object

What was Adam and Eve’s gravest error? Thinking their sex was their own. Would the most powerful being in the universe choose the first humans away because they ate a piece of fruit? I’m sure He has better things to do. Or at least more important things to motivate him to do. So… Adam + Eve were chased out of paradise because they did not meet or accept the basic premise of plus and minus, the premise and pretext of the universe. Banish.

And now… OGU. The One God Universe, by William Burroughs.

One God UniverseRant on.