Baby Has Shoes

28 11 04

Read. Confusion. Trying to figure out. Ideas. Where to go?

Magdala or Magdalene was (?) a Benjamite. Weren’t the Benjamites overrun by David? This the Royal connection as Jesus was possibly from the line of David.

Explain this love to them. They say they give but who gives in a war? No, they only have what keeps them back. What holds them back? The thing they never know, who can leave behind a paradox of the untrue? She stands there, for instance, reflects on something never seen by a 16-year-old and flutter in front of your face like a Maui-wave. But watch out my friend. He will come along and take it. Because he is a she. I know what you’re saying.”How can it be true?” But the Virgin is real. She sits in front of you and wrapped in the palms of her hands a child without shoes who seems to have a face that is looking beyond those hands, to something else, but what? And why do you assume that you have shoes? Could he be looking for his mother? Staring into the distance where it is obvious that his wooer is standing. The deal I would say. The deal to make, somehow, the virgin born. It is in this concept that so much rests. The rest of us. As if obviousness were obvious. Like the (given) love of a woman. She does so little, is only well-equipped. Just like Hitler. (And so the talking-head American’t voice of the ignorant sings his Femi-nazi song.) But then who would think of questioning? What to ask? Ask how it can be true. Well, it can be true thus: she was not the she. I mean. Leonardo deVinci painted himself a female, did he not? The whole deal is about how far I have to go. How far in my mind about the truth? What if there were someone who (not born of the virgin)
know is truth were the most valuable thing in the solar system of the… Sun/Son?