True Truth

2004 12 22 What is the logic? (Where?) Sexism, for example. Or prohibition of pornography by so-called moralists. What's the point of a bunch of men out there protesting a porn movie house? The only answer to Christopher Marlow being another of W. Shakespeare's work, although he was (supposedly) dead, is that he had already … Continue reading True Truth

Six Basics

2004 12 20 Hegel > it’s all about reason. Nothing else. “Willed congress”—an alchemical wedding. The once spiritually feminine soul was united with God. Someone or something made this spirit FALL into human form which is immediately defiled. This is the way of the carnal world. Eventually her prayers are heard and god rescues her … Continue reading Six Basics

Printers Ornaments

2004 12 19 Wingdings, dingbats, aka “printer’s ornaments”, the origin was to help printers fill space or decorate when printing. Today this is a type of code. Or it’s an undiscovered secret containing code. Priest. Idea: a defrocked drunk turned detective stumbles on the secret of the anti-christ. What happens when twins mate? (Assuming the … Continue reading Printers Ornaments

Fun Of It All

2004 12 18 It is said that apathy is the work of the devil. Yet in a world where parallels cross at will all in the name of something futile (social justice) that/then perhaps in apathy lies (a) solution to all ill will. When work for productivity became chain–like then the first casualty of the … Continue reading Fun Of It All

Sistine Chapel

2004 12 15 Imposition. Visit to Sistine Chapel. The Sistine Chapel. The ceiling works almost three dimensional. How could "work" ever be done in this room? Who is trying to be impressed? A statue of Christ gets lost in this space of colorful human history. Colorful human loss. Why does this room work like a … Continue reading Sistine Chapel