Fight With Taxi Driver

2004 12 01

What is it that draws people to ignorance? And where does mine come from? Is it a fact that people do not want to deal with reality? Obviously a reality is given, it is distributed, it is consumed. Those who cannot cope with it then drift NOT away from it but with in it and they determine their own. (Reality?) Many accept it (reality?) without haste because a gift-horse is also a friend. It is Paul some 40 to 60 yrs after (supposed) death of JC who, on road to Damascus, had a supernatural encounter–which is code for his inability to face reality.

Christianity: (ca. 178AD) a roman would say: Their belief is thus: Let no one educated or wise or sensible come close to us. But if their stupid or walk with the intellect of a child in an adult body let them all come me.

It is true that by 312AD Christianity was set to become the sole religion of Rome–except Judaism. By 496AD, with the baptism of Clovis 1, christianity officially introduced to Europe.

Connection between Plato and JC. Or is it Socrates and JC?

All the images, statues of “our lady” or Notre Dame could also be depiction of Magdalene with child from JC.

Thomas the Doubter checks JC. Tests him, pokes a finger in the cut in his rib cage. See painting by Caravaggio, The Incredulity of St. Thomas.

The result of the war of 1812 is the confirmation of the boundaries between British Canada and US.

Idear. Dialogue.

The fight among friends isn’t about a fight between them. It’s about one friend brawling (for whatever reason) with someone else. The two men hustle on stage, one carrying the bloodied other. They are in hotel lobby. (Based on true happenings.)

F1: Jesus Christ, man!
F2: Yeah–
F1: You’re getting blood everywhere.
F2: Just on your shoes.
F1: What about my shirt?
F2: That’s not blood.
F1: Sure it is.
F2: No it’s not. I don’t know what it is but the blood is only on the souls of your shoes.
(Pause. F1 puts F2 somewhere, couch, chair, then gets him something to wipe the blood from his nose.)
F1: Here…
F2: Thanks.
F1: You’re an idiot, you know that.
F2: Did I kick his ass?
F1: Who cares?
F2: That’s what it’s all about, man.
F1: It was just a taxi ride.
F2: And he didn’t take us our destination.
F1: And that’s a reason to punch him.
F2: Did you hear what he said? When I asked him why he was dropping us off two kilometers from the hotel? I’m not walking two friggin’ kilometers.
F1: Spoke to soon, uh?
F2: But I kicked his ass first. (Short pause.) Bet hi’s not earning his keep for a few nights.
F1: Ok. That’s a good point. Did you have to hit so hard?
F2: Why? He was rude to you, too, you know.
F1: The man just wants to earn a living and he tried to explain that he could go no further because of the cities festivities and how they blocked off streets.
F2: Then he should drive his customers to where they want to go, first.
F1: He drove us more than halfway here. Two kilometers ain’t much, right. I mean, I don’t know kilometers from Saint Peters, but the walk here wasn’t so bad. Hey, it’s Oktoberfest.
F2: I don’t care if it’s fuckin’ Christmas. We waited an hour for that taxi. And then he says he can’t take us no further? He did it because we are foreigners he doesn’t like.
F1: Yeah, it did kind of seemed that way. And he’s a foreigner himself. But seriously, dude, you have anger issues.
F2: I just walked two fuckin’ kilometers, drunk out of my mind and there wasn’t a bar open the whole way. Fuck this! Fuck Oktoberfest.