Psalms vs Palms

2004 12 07

What to do when you think you’ve been lied to (falls pretense) and then learn finally the truth? When truth is not better than a lie. Much of life must be about this. Or. Oh, buttercup, I wish the glaze you’d put under my chin would hold past my next shower. Soldiers from Iraq protesting the war. They say they are not soldiers first but Americans and that the Gulf War reason is a lie. And so, someone will eventually find the truth about the war but that will simply be incorrect. When truth is faulty (untrue) where do we turn? The Gulf War I thought was about oil. Then I thought it wasn’t about oil. That it was about something else. What? The/Our Great War? So what was the war about? SUV?

How do you convince those who deeply and at heart believe they are right in a certain position they take that they’re wrong? Answer: don’t allow them to choose.

Counterrevolution. A country founded because of a tax burden. (A tax on coffee that turns Starbucks into a mecca of revolution.) Britain realized by the end of 1775 that if the colonies were to mobilize it would be too costly to counter. So you subvert the issue and ask: why didn’t George Washington become king? Was he not offered the post? How do you make a king? This was and still is a reserved power–four popes and bloodlines. But didn’t George Washington have royal blood? No, the bloodline thing wouldn’t work. Why? Because George Washington believed in something else. And it really is about belief. Or is it faith? How could the Boston tea party be the start of a nation? And what did George Washington stand for? As a mason he was bound by a higher power. For him the telling of a lie equates with the untruth of a false god–the embodiment of which was the church or loyalty. As a nation he knew that there was only one true king. Who was that? Wait. What was that?

Is it possible to misspell Psalms and write instead Palmes? Yes, but would Spinoza make the same error?