How Defeats Why

2004 12 09

A rose & cross with a distinctive head, bald of skin and a scarred skull bone, stood upon its single leg and waved its handler’s arms and said: we live in times when the How has eliminated the WHY.

physical + material = mind + soul

It was, I suppose, a great human(ist) fight to realize that the earth is not the center of the universe. By doing this, making this monumental change, man accept the fact his/her eog was unimportant, or at the least it was humbling/humbled. This process, though, in recent times has given way. Humanity at least that of the west, has resorted to … thought. Hence, we live in a world where the mind and human consciousness can no longer deal with the world outside its ego. It is self-validation that has become the basis of human action. How we feel determines what it is we do or say. Is this than the reason for all our woes? For subjecting ourselves to everythign that is trickle down? What is the result of so-called 24×7 news broadcasting? It can only be disinformation because information that is excessive and intrusive but was /is intended to be informative can only produce its antonym.