Six Basics

2004 12 20

Hegel > it’s all about reason. Nothing else.

“Willed congress”—an alchemical wedding. The once spiritually feminine soul was united with God. Someone or something made this spirit FALL into human form which is immediately defiled. This is the way of the carnal world. Eventually her prayers are heard and god rescues her by joining her with the male spirit and hence the chemical wedding that occurred.

When did the Catholic church become (or was it at its inception) the work of the opposite of what JC was (attempting) to preach? Did JC preach the ideal of power as part of the church?

It’s very difficult for me to explain the loss and pain of living in Germany. I.e. not having found (my) way in US. Nomatter. Although I agree with Miller and his ravings about Eurowasteland in the HummingBird essays, I cannot evangelise about this place that has turned out to be such a disappointment. Of course, I am unaware of how long he actually lived here. (Look it up.) It does leave me the thought that romanticising about this place comes as easy as the love (or hate) of anything. I must agree with Miller that Eurowasteland is a hotbed of history—but not for it’s results. Eurowasteland is a hotbed for everything reactionary in man—including the… The results of this obvious cultural greatness (sarcasm) is buried below a deep crust, an impenetrable place. Not even Eurowasteland has cracked this place. Yet I will give it credit for trying.

Six basic (articles) of belief by Muslims:
-The day of judgement