2005 01 24 Stopped training muscles because I thought I needed to train mind. (Was I wrong? Oh yeah, wronger wrong!) It was a simple thought that came to worst-writer one day. Like sop many. What to do with such a useless thought? Write it down‚Äîbecause there's nothing else in this well-trained mind to write … Continue reading Flob

Something To Remember

2005 01 21 Something to remember? Something to forget? Well, not sure. But this does hold something true and real. A new “order”. But it wasn't about the world. “What is at stake is more than one small country (Kuwait), it is a big idea, a new world order, where diverse nations are drawn together … Continue reading Something To Remember

S'il Vous Plait

2005 01 20 A world of magnets. Never thought about it before. The magic of magnets. Where can I magnetize myself? Stereo speakers. Computer monitors. The seal around a refrigerator door. Tachymeter: scale used to measure units per hour on a watch. Commonly found on the bezels of chronographs, an event is timed by using … Continue reading S'il Vous Plait

She Save

2005 01 19 Her birthday. Did she save me? I ponder, motivated by certain books, the history of my world. I don't remember the books anymore, and perhaps the pondering has become weak, but there are sparks lingering above me. In their spew there seems to be a pattern—a connect-the-dots game, maybe all I can … Continue reading She Save

Between Two Red Heads

2005 01 18 Der Gast. By Christina Kettering. Sitting between two red heads in tight, cramped theater in Wiesbaden Staats Theater. The way it should be, baby. Notes: -ritual -Wir sind kein... für sozial Fehle... -Trying to be Komisch but the actors... -Great stage scenery. -(The Germans) can't allow a Scherz, says the internationa bar-man. -Oh, a … Continue reading Between Two Red Heads


2005 01 17 The problem a functioning capitalist system inherits is information. Within that information is the/a truth. In a society based on secrets e.g. communism, a bottom-up flow of info can only be coerced. In a capitalist system, e.g. the west, the flow of information is rampant and virtually uncontrollable and it's top down. … Continue reading Inform

Wrong Equation

2005 01 03 Romance + expectation = contradiction. Or is that incompatible? Two. Completely. Incompatible. Contradiction. Rant on, baby. -tgs-