Between Two Red Heads

christina kettering

2005 01 18

Der Gast. By Christina Kettering.

Sitting between two red heads in tight, cramped theater in Wiesbaden Staats Theater. The way it should be, baby.


-Wir sind kein… für sozial Fehle…
-Trying to be Komisch but the actors…
-Great stage scenery.
-(The Germans) can’t allow a Scherz, says the internationa bar-man.
-Oh, a great Stück über Germany now!
-Der Mensch wird zu lange von seinen Eltern (gehütet?)
-She falls asleep the middle of everything.
-trying philosophies
-Elternschaft mentioned for second time.
-No more Germany because of coffee um vier.
-When is British tee-time
-Freund Gewählt
-Pretty bad acting
-Schanderer (spell)
-How to talk to a woman
-Ich hab einen Biographie and they go in to it who it’s about.
-Mit diesen clown Lied she set me in a trance
-The woman comes and saves
-Their relationship and how it developed was unclear, I missed it.

Good play!

Story: portraying late 1940s, early 50s, Europe. A small organization calling itself… is approached because it was heard that they are (the group) anti-communist. They are then given money by a CIA/OSS operative (the man who approached them) and then start partying. The name of the group is an acronym for portraying—finding something greek or latin for party-animal. This is a play about the beginning of the European Union, Pan-Europe, EEC. The western (Anglo-American) fight against communism.

I think–