2005 01 24

Stopped training muscles because I thought I needed to train mind. (Was I wrong? Oh yeah, wronger wrong!) It was a simple thought that came to worst-writer one day. Like sop many. What to do with such a useless thought? Write it down‚Äîbecause there’s nothing else in this well-trained mind to write down. (Today.) (Well trained? Seriously?) But then I noticed the Flob. What a beautiful creature she is/was. She over came me after a long stare. We gathered ourselves and went for a walk. I held her hand and she allowed me to call her… Flob, the dreary. But wasn’t. She smiled a lot and blew me behind a barn door. When I asked what we’d call the result of her actions, she paused and watched a Ducati park in the lot. I thought she was gonna leave for me the leather-clad pilot but she stayed and said: let’s call it Ben & Jerry’s best flavor. I agreed and continued walking. Nomatter.

How hard I trained. It comes in little places. Behind the knee, the ear and the worst, under my eyes the problem really started when, after reading practically everything, I couldn’t get it done. Back to muscle.