Translation Attempt

-Happy but senseless people. -Glücklich aber verstands-loss? Attempting translations. Too literal. Lost. You can't cut water. Unless... He started taking pictures only his eyes could see. Rant on. Tommi


Mir ist was neulich eingefallen. Why do people (Germans) call (have called) Bush a Rambo? Rambo has been misunderstood for too long (especially over here), don't you know, dear worst-reader. John Rambo is not the aggressor, by-the-buy. It is the redneck, tobacco chewing Oregon Police or sheriff that is the aggressor.

Temple Church

What do you do when he's got you where he wants you? There is no place to run or hide. And there is nothing left to say. How he got you here doesn't matter because you are "here". What do you do? How do you turn the tide of this, a result of, mis-trust? You … Continue reading Temple Church

By The Bog of Cats

"By The Bog of Cats", by Marina Carr, starring Holly Hunt @ Windhams Theatre, 2005. At the end of the play I stood and clapped till I thought my hands would bleed. I also wept like the little boy I wish I were. I screamed "HOLLY, HOLLY, HOLLY, etc." She was brilliant. Will never forget. I love … Continue reading By The Bog of Cats

Breast Feeding Addiction

Thought: A young mother that is addicted to breast feeding. Standing before a building built 1990. Just missed by the Dresden bombing. There's a undertone to what's being said in here (Germany). As though the voice, first question(s) (or rebellion) is coming from the east. The west has been so cleverly chastised, indoctrinated, dogmatized, that … Continue reading Breast Feeding Addiction

Peter The Rock

2005 02 12 At what point did man finalize his/the progression (to move) beyond religion? Was it the experiment(s) of the twentieth century? Was that the moment when condemnation eroded enough of Peter the Rock? The experiment of social infrastructure deep-seeded with the power of govt. and few profound (words?) "Religion is the opium of the … Continue reading Peter The Rock

Go Head Jeff

2005 02 10 So few things written. Where are those things? Not here anymore... What's the problem with man? Mankind. And. Two (other) things: 1. religion, 2. politics and commerce (business) As long as the clerk(s) ringing up the cash register are religious we will continue to kill JC and avoid truth. Idear. "Go'head Jeff" … Continue reading Go Head Jeff