Peter The Rock

2005 02 12

At what point did man finalize his/the progression (to move) beyond religion? Was it the experiment(s) of the twentieth century? Was that the moment when condemnation eroded enough of Peter the Rock? The experiment of social infrastructure deep-seeded with the power of govt. and few profound (words?) “Religion is the opium of the people,” for example. And now the proclamation that there is no search for truth but instead a blind following to a river of white where a man washes away your sins and at the same time relieving you of the burden of thought. God is once again condemned to the mindlessness of Zeal. What is the juice upon which I run? Doubt (or fear)? Completely harnessed and battled put on the highest shelve where I never have to force it. Eventually only my subconscious knows its there. How comforting.