Schadenfreude 1

Part 1/2 As a kid I watched too much television. And why not? It was the sixties and seventies and television had graduated a bit from the prudery of where it all started. That meant there were shows about martians and talking horses and hillbillies graduating via sheer luck to Beverly Hills. And don’t get … Continue reading Schadenfreude 1

Years Aplenty

Idear(s). Seven years of plenty, seven years of famine. The biblical cycle played out on the floor of the stock market. Say, maybe this could be scene from previous idear about multi-dimensions? There are chanting oxen led by a wizard-merchant who sells their chows songs. The magic of the wizard-merchant is not to become paid … Continue reading Years Aplenty

Play Of Dimensions

The days are long and slow. The nights becoming more frequent with less happeing. But sometimes, just sometimes... Idear (play): story taking place among inhabitants of multiple dimensions. To show this (the dimensions) a still picture represents the gateway where beings can move hither and tither. The would require that actors remains still while multi-dimensional scenes are … Continue reading Play Of Dimensions

Blackjack Team

It's about learning. The learning process. Here's the crux in schooling: it's not about learning. It's the How and not just the What. For example, do not read religion to understand it or exercise it, read about it. Oh find that peace of dividend. What is the thread weaved to produce the quilt? "Thorpe" -- … Continue reading Blackjack Team

Cat Food

Everybody's mother depends on social security. Old people eating cat food. Look it up. An American't phenomenon? Not hardly. Apartment of a old mother. Open a kitchen and it's full of cans of cat food. >Put this in Bela Kaan, the parents in retirement. -tgs

Na-na, nanana

Enjoy your life = End your life > rock lyrics mixing, confusing not, meaning but audit-ability. Always love your mother because you'll never have another. (Unlike a father.) The Brazilian JC is 900 feet tall. Where the universe ends? For underwater species it's where the water ends. A certain water bug plays its own little … Continue reading Na-na, nanana


More reading. More don't read enough. Lazy. Lethargic. Practically catatonic. Such is this western life of never getting ahead. Anywho. Some say OMG but I prefer OGU. But then again I've not been gifted the gift of faith. Something to consider. Consider the impasse of a one God universe. He is all-knowing and all-powerful. He can't … Continue reading OGU

Some Sins

Three characters. One hears noises or sees something, the other two do not. Audience sees/hears what one does. One things, eventually, that two and three are playing a joke since they say they do not see/hear what on/audience hears. Radical economies. Like religion it's time for a reformation in economics. The day will come when … Continue reading Some Sins