Thing In The Middle

How does one determine the consequence of an unbridled, materialistic society? Does one start at the top or the bottom? It probably doesn’t matter where one starts since from either direction/side one will eventually arrive in the middle. But in the middle of what? What is the thing where this “middle” is located. A womb? The middle between spirit/soul and life/death? One (over use her, will ya) must begin with humanity–what it is that makes humanity. We must find a way to make this system (capitalism?) work. How? Progress. We must figure out why, in the current and superficial left-right debate what the core issue is. Why the left is fucked and why the right is doing the fucking. I ask for a profound re-issuing of the system. If you will, it has to be re-started, start-over, reboot, etc. The L/R debaters are doing nothing more than polarising. Unless their is sufficient means to sustain both sides the polarisation effect will cause a stand-still or chaos when one-side supersedes the other. The left offers nothing new; the right is riding in the wake of the… (inaudible).