Compression Miracle

The Stick of Jan Sloot.

Story of the alien who wants to return to his home with all the books of earth. And it doesn’t know what a phone is. ;-) The problem is it is impossible to carry all the books because his ship is too small. Even if he digitizes the books he doesn’t have enough room for all the storage devices. So he comes up with a new form of data compression…

See Jan Sloot.

The Dark Sucker Theory.

Light bulbs do not emit light; they suck in the dark.

Thought: The saddest thing: duckies following their mother across the road. But when they’ve beat all odds of suvival they must cross a manhole with a gratted cover. The holes of which are just enough for baby ducks to fall thru. Oh no! What do do? What do the duckies do.