Thirty Cents

Why don't they all just kill (me or) themselves? It's the most I wish to witness. Yet I must deal with my decision to return (the old country). Sink or swim is the motto. All of those thoughts of sinking. The rifle barrel pressed to the back of my throat and I worry if I … Continue reading Thirty Cents

The She

Met the She last night. She was last night. She had a sharp wit honed in the time of laughter and avoidance. She is unlike those around me in that Hers is more a life of avoid which is a utter mystery because Her vision will strike a strong man down. Where She is now … Continue reading The She

In Tact

It has been (a) hour(s) and sorts. The sounds might be at fault. It's as though I have moved between dimensions. Remember? Certainly the previous one was quiet. DC is so loud and hectic. But I have maintained the organism. Wait. Let me scrap(e) it (her) off the hard wood floor once again. Mold. It. … Continue reading In Tact


Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec Red Headed Nude Crouching, 1897 In the Salon: The Sofa, 1892-1893 Women Resting, 1894-1895 In The Bed: The Kiss In The Salon, 1893 (Same room, different angle as previous "On The Sofa") Medical Inspection (Rue de Moulins), 1894 Explain to Danton the limits of his excess. Beyond the failed cause stands a … Continue reading Allow

The Apple

The apple. Used by Newton for gravity and Bible for religion. Contradiction? Same thing? Both fell out of nowhere? Identify space tearing flop transitions. The anthropic principle. This is a doctrine, not unlike a political or relgious agenda, that stipulates (in the world of theoretical physics) the world is the way it is because we … Continue reading The Apple


How to? Cookies cooked stale. The cooky batter/dough was so old that when I cooked them they were already stale. -From a friend (Patrick Henry) Rant on. T


Justification of existence. How to justify ones existence. (This is the not related to the useless-eater idear.) Is existence based on (human) behaviour? What the behaviour once was? It's no longer about the justifications of ones actions which has been the case during most of the industrial era (pre industrialisation?) but instead about the result … Continue reading Inescapable

Truth Seeking v1.8

(Incomplete) The fight that can't be won. A critique on the-better-then-never, a-day-late-a-dollar-short, progressive radio voice that is battling the monopoly on stupidity. Or. Why H5N1 Birdflu was predicted by Newton. It hurts me to say this but truth-seeking will never be the answer to fighting neo-cons. I have recently come to this conclusion because, the … Continue reading Truth Seeking v1.8

Think Future

I have not been true to you my dear. Notes and thoughts have made their way to other books. And as you can see, you have not been forgotten. You'll be happy to know I've taken steps to move on. Of course this could be temporary but for how long I do not know. Remember … Continue reading Think Future