Think Future

I have not been true to you my dear. Notes and thoughts have made their way to other books. And as you can see, you have not been forgotten. You’ll be happy to know I’ve taken steps to move on. Of course this could be temporary but for how long I do not know.

Remember it’s always about the context.

He: You want me to pay you?

She: Yes.

He: But I’ve never paid for it.

She: Which is probably why you’re here. There’s always a first.

He: I don’t understand. You have a job.

She: Please. You try living in this cit on my salary. Look. I told you to … that we should just be friends.

He: Yeah, but…

She: I need to know if this (can) ruin(s) our friendship.

He: But We haven’t done anything (yet).

She: Oh yes we have. I am dependent on your discretion now.

He: I don’t kiss and tell. So. You have done this with… who?

She: You don’t actually think I’m going to tell you that?

He: You can… I was just curious.

She: Well get that under control.

He: If I pay you you’ll really…

She: Don’t be so surprised. More do it than you know.

He: I’m very attracted to you.

She: I can tell. You need to get that under control.

He: Who else does it?

She: Enough.

He: Ok. Here… (takes out his wallet.)

She: This changes everything.

He: Like what?

She: You’ll be dependent on my.

He: I have nothing to lose, except a bad job, I’m not an elected official.

She: Think about your future.

You know, highschool gave me everything I need for life–but it could not prepare me (or anyone) for what America would become.