Theory Of Everything

Is it done? Cramped into the elegant plastic seats of LH416 listening to people (men) snore on the agonizing flight. This is supposed to be the beginning of something new, as my dear sweet sister says. (And I love her for it.) Yes, the observations. Cramped in a seat. So much room in the would, the universe and the best educated mgt. minds can come up with is making economy class (on a plane) only full of more victims.


TOE. Theory of Everything. A worker at a factory has written a paper that proposes to explain the theory of everything. This paper has arrived at the desk of a local university professor’s desk who literally cannot believe his eyes. This is comparable to Einsteins’s General Theory of Relativity–or as ground breaking. The problem the professor has though or that which he discovers, is the person who wrote the paper is not a student or even an assistant professor (grad student). He’s an older man working at a local car plant that is the talk of the town as it’s just been purchased by a foreign investor to save its ass. Yes, the (odd) man is a shop floor worker (or something like that) who maintains the tools the other workers use to assemble the cars. This is the BMW plant in SC.