Newz #35

Wow. Today in the newz: Andersen being let off the hook. Links: NYT Something from me that almost the same? Here even some audio. Rant on. -tgs-

Meek Defined

The first thing you smell is the kool-aid. That erroneous product of American ingenuity plastered like bad graffitti on the walls of our prophet (or psyche). So much so that the smell didn't even come from the mix in water but the skin of a beautiful woman--from behind her left earlobe, from real flesh. Only … Continue reading Meek Defined

Unsoiled Ground

Begin this... Last (or lost) in home around subtle thunder with no storm. There is little to be said in these silly days where one war is being questioned and another baptized with a hope of finding POWs. The controversy and duality is enorm, like a gap in the knitting of a large quilt. But … Continue reading Unsoiled Ground

Give Up

I linger, yearn, lust to be the greatest failed playwright ever. When the people ask how I can be so ignorant and arrogant making such a claim I will respond: because even now in the depth of my failure, unlike you'all, I have something to believe in that is real and worthwhile. And even though … Continue reading Give Up

What You Know

May you'all develop a talent for living happily ever after. Maybe not is more important. Meredith, James - first to cross race line in Mississippi. Met Henry Gallagher who knew James Meredith. The bartender at Timberlake "Babak" is the nephew of the Persian doctor from D'dorf who fixed LB's elbow. Greatness is not in what … Continue reading What You Know

Horatio Or Frank

What is the opposite of happiness? Of suffering? When I think of JC I wonder of his choices. Of course they were choices of ideology but perhaps they were choices of or between happiness and suffering. (The two things humans inherently now, like instinct.) The choice, for example, to go into the desert for 40 days, … Continue reading Horatio Or Frank


Three Strikes. Three scenes or could be more scenes. Family depicted in three basic configurations which conveys the contemporary ideal of family life in USA. But this ideal is very inconsistent and diverse. What is clear i portraying the family is very confusing yet none of them are really happy. The same characters in three different scenes … Continue reading Culture