Three Strikes.

Three scenes or could be more scenes. Family depicted in three basic configurations which conveys the contemporary ideal of family life in USA. But this ideal is very inconsistent and diverse. What is clear i portraying the family is very confusing yet none of them are really happy. The same characters in three different scenes portray three different scenarios. 1) Bad, 2) Worse, 3) Gone. Nothing here about good and bad. Western society is lost without family. All of scenes are different, not cohesive, there is/are elements(s) that thread it all together, though.

One observation. This evolves loosely around the idear of culture. I have noticed, during this brief experiment, or should I say, have observed that America is utterly beyond the discussion of culture. It’s been that way for years. Only during this life excursion to I realize it (something). While the Eurowastelanders have, as part of their blood, culture as an intricate part of their lives, we Amiis never even bothered with it. Why? Could Eurowasteland have come to their “culture” because of their recent or extended history of doing nothing for the planet and humanity but giving it greed, hurt and hate? Or because it is the worker state? The worker state needs only entertainment, quite the opposite of culture.