Horatio Or Frank

What is the opposite of happiness? Of suffering? When I think of JC I wonder of his choices. Of course they were choices of ideology but perhaps they were choices of or between happiness and suffering. (The two things humans inherently now, like instinct.) The choice, for example, to go into the desert for 40 days, 40 nights. Who is to say that this choice of suffering was of any worth. And could this choice have had an opposite? A counter? 40 days and 40 nights of bliss, perhaps? What would be the consequence of that? A religion NOT of death?

The mockingbird cried over Heratio and the investigator don’t want to know why. Instead. Where do they go from here in their investigation? Places they will never know, for Horatio was not loved. Hated also not. But where does that leave the mockingbird? He cared so deeply for Horatio. The two used to spend their evenings in bars in George’s town. A quaint place but somewhat unruly to outsiders. There are many, even among the investigators who laugh at the mockingbird. Others say the mockingbird needs to readdress his (her?) attitude. The investigators are good at reminding M of that. It was the thrill that would solve this mystery, was the unspoken word. And what a mystery it was.

The only time she knew to let herself go was when he was drunk. She thought it realized it was the most real time to try and get what she wanted. His staying power more than enough and perfectly numb. Woman knows the real, true purpose of the alcohol.

The bet. Now reality TV. Wager. Of a different sort. For example. Someone bets that within first season he will place in the top 20 of nascar championship with only six months of preparation. (Stop. Lord do I hate reality TV.)

America(ns) has to many choices.

Frank Stone. The new American leader. But who is Frank Stone. Where did he come from? it is said that he visited every house west of the Mississippi to the Rocky Mountains. And now he is not only popular but at the tip of power. And as the cameras/eyes close in on him, the questions really start to emerge. Scars in his face. A slight limp. Imperfection rules, old wounds that barely healed, dire history of getting to where he is now. From Stone. Where is he from?

>Who made Frank Stone?

“Wars legitimate object is more perfect peace.” -William Tecumseh Sherman

Another war memorial out of (Frank) stone. Engraved in the American psyche is war. How do you counter?