Meek Defined

The first thing you smell is the kool-aid. That erroneous product of American ingenuity plastered like bad graffitti on the walls of our prophet (or psyche). So much so that the smell didn’t even come from the mix in water but the skin of a beautiful woman–from behind her left earlobe, from real flesh. Only America can manufacture such (a)¬†transition. The only one-up example comparable is that of the universal church and the(ir) idea(r) (chemically speaking) of the holy trinity and the transubstantiation.

What meek shall inherit the earth? In the context of biblical America the meek are (or seem to be) the supposed servants of a church or preacher. Again, I must ask, are these people (as servants) meek? The western evangelica, as limited in income as he or she may appear, is in no way poor. But is he or she meek? Perhaps this is the reason the word meek is used. Inherent in the word “poor” is financial or economic means (or lack thereof). “Meek” on the other hand is more flexible; particularly in its essence there is no indication that it references those with limited means. Meek could mean of limited spirituality or lack of character. But who (what American) would want to deal in those sorts? In contrast to “poor” the meek are probably perfectly represented by the American bible fanatacism.

The opportunities of living are diminshed in proportion as what are called the means are increased. (-Thoreau from an essay by Henry Miller on Thoreau.)

Rant on.