Amazed at the view. Chinaski haunting me. Running from Chinaski. Wish I couldn't run (from the) drunken-ness. It would seem (like) a great way to rid myself of this pain. Ain't that what alcohol is for? The numbing. Been numb for too long. But the pain is caused by the drunken-ness. Not of body or … Continue reading Chinaski

The Commodity

Shroeder's - German beer hall restaurant near hotel off Market Street. Finance district SF? Drnking a beer, the wheat beer from Germany?, tasted bland, I switched to Anchor Steam. When in Rome... Getting drunk on beer and small-talkin'--can't help listening to two yuppies talk about making money. (The sucess(ful) (of) fools.) What was the dialog … Continue reading The Commodity


Speaking mind from some side street off of Geary Street, SF. Breakfast at Lou's Diner. Drive-in made to look like it was out of a movie. Movie no one ever saw. But it has all the makings like the rest of US. To be more than it is. Ordered a big breakfast to cur4b the … Continue reading Uncollapse

That Name

Once again you will not find a place so perfectly dominated and run by idiots. You only have to view or analyze the entry points. The patient begins with a roaming cellphone call from Stone's sister. (There's that name again.) Here the family chaos begins and at the same time the adventure-chaos making his way … Continue reading That Name


Life needs to be shades (of?) and colors. Money should be black and white. The complexity of finance and capital management is clouding (the) human vision, mind, soul... Etc. -t

Sartre's Speech

Find Sartre's (in)famous speech where he says the French were most free when they were under occupation. A man who is able to love a woman and yet never cry for one is a great man. So many great things said. What is their context? -t


"Salzfässen." The point under neck and above collar bone. The most magical part of the female (from the planet...) The success of an artist depends on his ability to self-endulge. No, that's totally wrong. His/Her success depends clearly on an ability to NOT self indulge. Scratch that. You're not an artist. Move on. -t

The Gift

Idear. The son of a rich man bitter that he can't make it one his own finds new ways, criminal ways?, to get rich. What he learned from his rich father is that you just have to be tactical with the truth and when being tactical is too difficult then you just have to find … Continue reading The Gift


Victimisation. Who has it? Where does it come from? A pillar of society it is not, yet we weave like small children at play through various forms of it/them, not knowing or even questioning their history. And for what? When all is guided by the emotions that come from it then it is no wonder … Continue reading Victim

Only Had The Courage

Is the simplest explanation always the best? ...they've been told that god is mysterious, unfathomable, so to then incoherence is the closest thing to god." -Umberto Eco Don't particularly mind the turn the world has taken recently to fundamentalism. There's nothing wrong with that type of control as it obviously serves a purpose. The problem … Continue reading Only Had The Courage

Post Clinton Chaos

Would you believe? Could you believe? That there are those who ponder miracles of morrow? I would like to call them my trinity conspirators but I think not of insult nor do I ponder disrespect. Yet there is stuff in-between the ether of all that jitters my spinal fluid. For example, NESARA. National Economic Security … Continue reading Post Clinton Chaos


The days pass my sweet and I forget no such forgetful sense to scrape my pencil across your breast. The inside of a man is made of the heart. The inside of a woman is only her... Therefore the heart, good or bad, guides men but the ... is independent of everything except the essence … Continue reading Paralysed