Post Clinton Chaos

Would you believe? Could you believe? That there are those who ponder miracles of morrow? I would like to call them my trinity conspirators but I think not of insult nor do I ponder disrespect. Yet there is stuff in-between the ether of all that jitters my spinal fluid. For example, NESARA. National Economic Security and Recovery Act. A pseudo-law that by some is or could be the reason behind the post-Clinton chaos. In fact, after reading-up on on this, I’ve concluded that the craziness that is the post-Clinton vacuum is now traveling at high speeds upon a three-thousand dollar knife blade from a Japanese master name Hirioto.

I remember so vividly a youthful moment when I couldn’t decipher the difference between certain words. Infinity and eternity, for example. I’m not sure exactly how old I was, somewhere between my 21st and 24th year. Of course I knew what the two words meant, but still, as if a form of dyslexia overcame me, I’d lose touch and mix them up.

Remind you/me of anyone?

Rant on.