The Gift


The son of a rich man bitter that he can’t make it one his own finds new ways, criminal ways?, to get rich. What he learned from his rich father is that you just have to be tactical with the truth and when being tactical is too difficult then you just have to find a way to push it along. For example. He recently had an affair with a woman who broke up with a man who she thought really screwed her over. Our protagonist finds out that her ex was also her dentist. She feels that In order to get him back our protagonist suggests they sue him for negligence. But she says he wasn’t negligent. Our protagonist says they can easily turn that around by fudging records or breaking one of her teeth RIGHT NOW. They can do that because our protagonist can get access to dental office because his father owns the building.

Be tactical with the truth by giving your truth a bit of a push.

A man giving woman gift and she asks what it is. He answers: I don’t know. What we don#t know is that he really doesn’t know. So what’s the gift and where did he get it?

Is there a truth about the gift?