That Name

Once again you will not find a place so perfectly dominated and run by idiots. You only have to view or analyze the entry points.

The patient begins with a roaming cellphone call from Stone’s sister. (There’s that name again.) Here the family chaos begins and at the same time the adventure-chaos making his way back to east coast. Stone receives two calls on cellphone. frustrated from the high, post War 1812 story, Stone says he’s got to get home. But Josh had/has a job for Stone. This falls thru as everything else in the relationship with Josh. Josh makes lots of hat promises but they never came to fruition. When Stone expresses frustration but still willing to maintain frindship with Josh, Stone tells Josh that he has to go to east coast, home, to see about his step-father who has had a stroke. Because Josh reveals what Stone said under the high created by Josh’s uncle, Josh questions Stone’s motivation and that the job-offer from Josh’s dad, which is really a lost attempt to save his lost and spoiled son. Stone and Josh have a friendship fight. Josh tries to use the fact that he paid for trip–Stone rebukes that Josh just used him because Josh doesn’t want to face his father. These two (relative) young men, from both sides of the American spectrum, portray the common chaos the middle-class prodigy and the upper class prodigy must endure. That is: they grow up in a kind of comfort not comparable anywhere else. The difference to the chaos of the rest of the world is that/what the two classes can purchase (purchase power) and the proximity to poverty they have.

Yes > but what is the transition from 1812 story to Josh’s (patient) confrontation, subsequent denial of work (from Josh’s father) to is driving to east coast in a Porsche ???

Keep trying Tom. Not quite there yet. And get rid of Stone.