The Commodity

Shroeder’s – German beer hall restaurant near hotel off Market Street. Finance district SF? Drnking a beer, the wheat beer from Germany?, tasted bland, I switched to Anchor Steam. When in Rome…

Getting drunk on beer and small-talkin’–can’t help listening to two yuppies talk about making money. (The sucess(ful) (of) fools.)

What was the dialog between god and Lucipher? When Lucipher fell, he must have accepted his fate at some point–some moment. It is when Lucipher became “the man”. The man of all men. What were the trials and tribulations of Lucipher at the moment of his becoming (im)mortal? That is what happened, or? And he became so… successful. And there’s the key. His success. How? His first and greatest achievement? He turned love into a commodity.