Last Days Of Months

Behind computer screens and boredom. I sit somewhere and listen to yearns of my son and the things he says are louder than anything else. I wonder what Kenneth Patchen would say. -t

Mediocrity Subdues

It's the bad things that keep us going. Since I'm connected (by parents) to the previous generation I'm amazed at how the body survives when everything else dies. Thought. Soul. Ambition. (At least ambition to do go what's right and not just what's profitable. Wait. Is that the only thing that drives?). A generation ago, … Continue reading Mediocrity Subdues


Renunciation. Have no idear what that means. Would like it to mean something opposite of what it already means if it means anything and mean... what? Nonsense. Perhaps. Or that German word that carries with it connotations of meaning that are beyond anything human. Like... something about the devil, Lucipher, tired of competing with God … Continue reading Renunciation

Guns Lawyers Therapists

You will learn to resolve personal issues with out using guns, lawyers or therapists. The fact that you need so many lawyers and therapists shows that you are not adult enough to be independent. Guns should only be handled by adults. If you're not adult enough to sort things out without suing someone or speaking … Continue reading Guns Lawyers Therapists

Titles and Ownership

Watching "Poker" championship (don't know why). A Stevie Ray Vaughn look-alike battling for the championship. This guy looks like Dr. Bad Ass. But then it is learned he is, like all other players, a swing dance instructor with a degree in mathematics. Do I have my phone turned off? When is, if ever, such a … Continue reading Titles and Ownership

Amazing Tears Listening

Lydia Fairchild. Woman with three children on welfare. In mixed marriage with black husband. Another example is Karen Keegan. These women, under whatever circumstances, were DNA tested and it was found that their children had no DNA commonality, which is usually at least fifty percent. Now. These women were the mothers of their children. The … Continue reading Amazing Tears Listening

The Taboo Stuff

Start with this (thought). For a play/story? Not sure. German American Bund. GAB. Before WW2 the GAB organized large gatherings in US promoting Nazism. They even had a gathering at Madison Square Garden (I think). Who were the speakers? McCarthyism was childs play compared to the roundup of German, Italian adn japanese people. Fritz Kuhn … Continue reading The Taboo Stuff

A Night Out

What matters is the big picture. That's why so many things look best when viewed from afar. Paintings, for example. Or large orchestrated gatherings such as those from the Soviet Union, China, North Korea. What I hate about women (hate being the wrong word), especially girls. Wait. Just because you read-up on the meaning of … Continue reading A Night Out

Stuff Read

He wasn't just inside me. He was in me. So s/he said/proclaimed. Pause. Have to stop reading that stuff. Rant on. Tommi

Protect The Seed

To make a purchase of any value you have to take a loan. So how do you feed the consumer hunger when they can no longer afford the loans? Story: person about to run amok. He's obese. Unemployed. Wife left him. Wants to be father to his son but doesn't know how. Calculates it all … Continue reading Protect The Seed

Suds And Bubbly

Had a bottle or two. Found one in the middle of night soaking in the hotel tub still full of bath water. The label was floating next to suds. A bottle of bubbly in the tub among suds. It's these women and these images of corruption. Just see below. If only my uncle (or any … Continue reading Suds And Bubbly

Love Goat

Still jet-lagging? Can't be. Been long enough. But this west coast thing... It's the last day of so many. But/And the many always win. Off to the theater. ... Last night I saw "The Goat" from Albee. The tradition of absurdity is still alive. Perhaps even reinvigorated--but the final judgement has yet to emerge. Nonetheless … Continue reading Love Goat