Amazing Tears Listening

Lydia Fairchild. Woman with three children on welfare. In mixed marriage with black husband. Another example is Karen Keegan. These women, under whatever circumstances, were DNA tested and it was found that their children had no DNA commonality, which is usually at least fifty percent. Now. These women were the mothers of their children. The fathers tested DNA positive. Karen Keegan also had three kids. She needed blood for operation. How can one argue this? Can the/a woman have, for example, in vitro fertilization and then fool the tests? What is it? Chimeras. Part goat, part lion, part snake. There was a child born in two parts, split down the middle. Hermaphrodite. Chimera. The DNA for a woman and the DNA for a man. Two embryos fuse together. There are people with checkered board skin. Light and dark. The woman on welfare can#t win a case because prosecutors cannot win against DNA proof. Lydia gave birth with state/court people watching. Is that proof? This also means that certain pars of the body, e.g. hiar, thyroid, could ahve two different DNA. Two people in one. Look this up more. Fusion of two fertilized eggs. Chimeraism (sp). What do people go through in this situation? Blood testing only the first test. Testing of internal organs.

Def Poetry – HBO?

How am I gonna write about this room. Motel 6. It stinks. It reeks of sweat and rotten dew. The best thing about it is the TV. Almost perfect it rests on something between plastic and wood. Talk about/thinking about Chimera this day.

M’Rage. Find her in “love”.

Amazing Tears Listening.

(Good) Brothels also serve woman. The (new) trend.

Nuff. Fly soon.