Titles and Ownership

Watching “Poker” championship (don’t know why). A Stevie Ray Vaughn look-alike battling for the championship. This guy looks like Dr. Bad Ass. But then it is learned he is, like all other players, a swing dance instructor with a degree in mathematics.

Do I have my phone turned off? When is, if ever, such a sentence appropriate? At times like this, just before take-off, I regret everything. But can never remember what I have done. It just feels like everything (done) is (has been) wrong. If only there were a customer service department in my brain to service all the requests (for service). I wonder thought if I would manage such a department (or would it be managed by someone, something else) like most corporations manage theirs. The outsourcing of everything has to fail. Efficiency. College grads are trying to implement cannot continue in this capacity. What capacity? Are we/am I in the discussion once again of content and context? Content=rock, context=Mt. Rushmore. Is such an analogy correct, does it work? How far off am I now? Perhaps as far as I have always been. Far away from everything. In the middle of nowhere I have been these past four months. Four months that I had only hoped would never come to an end. It hasn’t really begun as we taxi away in an Airbus. The flight brings me to my other home–it makes me think, briefly, a quick thought, about how things would be if my father were (the) German.

When you return, though, you must put more effort into title and ownership to clear up that stuff.