Jennifer A

The modern (German?) woman has industrialised love. She’s done so like her brethren have industrialised everything else. But love? Why love.

I could feel something softening in or around us as we kissed but I couldn’t quite tell what it was. Was it her or was it her IT? Yeah. That thing which has become the disenfranchised part of all women. They’ve lost connection with it due to all the mixed signals. Like wales running astray, their sonar stirred by the thousands of tracking devices and submarines pillaging the ocean with the wantonness of greed culture defending the(ir) lust for oil and such. Poor whales.

Youth is not about finding out who you are but covering up who you will become. I suppose it’s because it’s easier to lie when never thinking about the fact you’re gonna die.

What stars say when the marriage breaks. The Hollywood nightmare. “Am I lonely?” Yes. “Am I upset?” Yes. “Am I confused?” Yes. “Do I have days when I’ve thrown a little pity party for myself?” Absolutely. “But I’m also doing really well.”

Really? Really. What an idiot mind would put this krapp in public? -Jennifer Aniston

See insert for more of stupid female bumblings of krapp from worst-writer. Jennifer Aniston would never talk about why she can’t keep a man. But she does say something about her (HER) not wanting children when her career is red hot. Wait. That’s not it. Try again.

(From insert:)

There are so many things to remember. Some call it multi-tasking. Others say it’s about diversity. I say it’s nothing but confusion. But what else is there supposed to be? Walking charlie on a misty night ca make up for a lot of loss, or perhaps, losing those pounds I’ve been talking about for the past three years. None of it makes any sense because I can’t seem to handle so many things at once.

Girlfriends, for example. What a nightmare. I’ve concluded that they’ve developed some kind of system which enables them to cheat nature. It might be even a physical phenomenon. Men, ultimately, cannot cheat nature. That’s probably the reason we do war and rape and all the carnage that has made the world what it is today. But women. They can cheat nature because, and this hurts the most, they are nature.

The question is: is love a means or an end? In the context of the feminine (which I of course know nothing about) this is a fucking doozy. And since I do not know the answer to the question I have concluded that it doesn’t matter. What is important is to realise that there is a contrast to the singularity that is known as love. I must, in order to achieve anything with these common and unharmonious words, take a risk and assume that love, for women, is an end and for men it is a means.

Having said that. What then makes up the ‘means’? It is, conclusively, womanhood. Or the feminine. Hooters, will do. Pussy, a bit vulgar. Wet t-shirt contests. Confucius said a few years ago that it is the means that leads to an end. Confucius acquired such knowledge from a woman, I am sure. She is quite unaware of her powers–such ignorance is intentional. Set up by the… creator. Stop!