Enter The Stones

Another solution? LOP. The reason (character) drives across US (from San Fran) is NOT to just bring car somewhere but also to pick up someone. The anonymous people who live in America. Either those born there but never registered or those smuggled in and never registered. (Character) (Stone) is given directions where to pick up who and when. The people will be waiting.

America has invented repressed civility. In this context is repressed unfree? Or do we have “free”, “mostly free”, “mostly unfree”? Repressed. The titles of modern life as opposed to un-modern life.

From some of my recordings or otherwise known as transcripts from/of my voice:

  • two lanes is not a choice when you need ten
  • the problem with advertising is that it’s become like or taken on a presence such as that of the human voice; the problem is, unlike a human, an ad voice cannot be deadened
  • inherent in a woman’s truth of the lives she’s lived and therefore she could never tell another woman a truth–for example getting married, marriage, what women would ever tell another if that woman were married and divorced and in a miserable relationship what it really is/was that she went through–there is no way she could tell that truth–but I am not saying they (women) are born liars
  • examples of dysfunction in society–if you watch traffic, how cars move and flow, one can easily see why, how the function or dysfunction of mobility was created first
  • traffic in USA moves just like traffic in Germany; how come no one has ever used traffic as a metaphor for showing how/why things are as bad as they are?
  • every-time I see/read advertising it’s pushed to me–what can I do about it? I guess I just have to wait. It can’t keep going on like this. Until others finally realise that it ain’t worth a shit
  • the film (ineligible text)–mediocre but good German film
  • I never had the pleasure of hitting a woman–probably because I’ve learned so often of the pleasure of hitting a man–and the pleasure factor is nothing if not something real, as in reality, but it’s is far from any truth or consequence of violence–mitigate your pleasure and … (keep it to yourself)
  • about the (ineligible film)–good idear but boring and atypical umsetzung–what could have been about a boy was instead turned into being about a girl–that’s not special as is immaculate–what is interesting is the punishment dished out for the young woman’s–I mean girl’s–crime–she has to give service–and what service and does so at a home for the mentally impaired (retards)–I think the ineligible film is “Krokos”–but I’ve forgotten–does that say everything about the film from this critics perspective?

Move on.

If there were only a way for the soul to find the body. What is the process? The process is there. Right there. Right in front of yours, dear worst-audience. It’s transcendental–or something like that. Metaphysical. It is a process. Not unlike… finding yourself. Or the quantum to the (what is it’s opposite–a word for relativity theory?) big picture world. Jaybe that’ll be the answer physicists eventually find. That things really aren’t as complicated as they seem. As science make them to be. (And) By understanding, going through the (a) process of acquiring knowledge, we (humanity) will eventually learn that the soul finding the body isn’t just a theory. It can be done if man tries, however minimally, to learn–because inherent in learning is the process.

How ’bout a story about men and women. Now that would be something new. A country is experiencing negative birthrate to the point of implosion. If things don’t change within only one generation the demise of the society (life) will be inevitable. So the society decides it must finally take matters into it’s own hands and promote… wait for it. Promote sex. (As opposed to the suppression of it.) How would society go about actually doing this? Import women. Reduce the amount of men so fewer men can spread more seed? Promote propagation. Annexing poor neighbour countries. And what to do when the women rebel? But what can they rebel against. It’ll never be a woman’s world. Why then are all the countries women not having enough children? According to studies there is enough promiscuity going on. You know, that hold hat trick. The answer also is not in having children at a later age. Gotta be young, a vibrant. Able to fuck. Able to promote the fuck. It’s the attitude that must be addressed. The bureaucrats. The B’s. Even the female B’s. Who is for the “import” of women? Annexing neighbours?

When did it start? The loss of romancing her. Must I conclude? The idear that is springing around in my head. It started with the film (ineligible). See previous note. My idear is that someone, somehow, get’s caught up in a crazy house. A place where retards are thought, considered to be… This place is also recognised, although it is privately funded, by the state–that is, it is considered to be experimental. Get it. Exper. I. Mental. A person has to go  there as part of their payment to society for crimes committed. Part of rehabilitation. Is that the word? As the criminal is doing his/her requirement a certain reality sets in. The person, acting cocky and arrogant, meets his7her match. One, two, more, of the so-called crazies, turns the tide by show revealing their truth to the person. They return the cocky and arrogant–give it back*. A PLAY about who is crazy in this world. What is crazy? What is normal, what is abnormal? Suddenly the two-bit hoodlum is caught up in a world that controls him, owns him, the stuff that turned him into a hoodlum. What a thing to suddenly wake up to. AND GET THIS. *They give it back when someone, form the institute, leaves the room. The petty thief (hoodlum) becomes one of them! And was he a thief? Perhaps the leader of the institute has one rule which he lives by. What is that rule if someone is put into his institute unfairly, unjustly? What if the tides are also turned on the evil, the founder of the institute? Where will it all lead? The crazy leading the crazy. Take turns at crazy. Where will it all end? Is there a speck of originality?

Stop. Move on.

Speaking of which.

Is a beautiful woman original? Of course not. Beauty is never original. Just like ugliness. Which one is there more of? Not in this constellation. The stars are aligned because of the dark matter. What is the dark matter? Consider the solar system. Sun is our star and around it go blindly ten (yes, as of 2005 it’s ten) planets which are, unless reflected upon with light, dark. That’s a ratio of 9 to 1. What about all the aother stuff? Asteroid systems, comets, moons, etc.? Considering that, what does a constellation mean? “It’s not in the stars,” goes the saying. Oh yes, it is. You’re (I am) just a bumbling idiot. nature choice was never in the (a) constellation. Take that and blow out your pipe. And try, for gods sake, to move on.

Here some words from (I think) 2/03 on a lineless three by five card of which I do not know the origin. My only little reprint.

Somber Wanting

Rust of winter peeling from the tusk

It’s beginning, a leaf, buried still under Pale moments not convincing the wise man

Eruption need

Beyond his grasp he believes, like all others, what he sees

It is you that sends my winter away

You that I place a hope of somber wanting

I place the finger between us ascending to your command

Oh wise man

Let her be by me, let her in, I can let her in, I can love, and winter will pass

And she (you) will dance till summer ends

Our (this) somber wanting

What about products for mature people? The products whose producers laugh at customer service. What about those who cannot give in to the ultimate paradigm shift in this lie called capitalism? When the consumer takes over. Theoretically it must be possible. Like the Stones waiting till the end of the century to come out with a best of album. When all their music was a best of. I guess. Yet another trick in the capital bagsters rucksack. The consumer realises that to get ahead you have to be either one sloppy step ahead or one elegant step behind. Just ask the CEOs or Keith Richard. You know, nothing against the Stones, but what a great example of how the west can begin over-coming its ills. The consumer takes control by making the producer pay up–not just profit. So the world figures it should start with a Stones concert. Boycott it. Why? Because the follower (the gatherers) have organised and they’re going to start with the marketing. What better example of marketing than Mick and Keith and their world tours.

The reason the neo-cons do not want evolution, as opposed to creationism, is because evolution, to understand it, would cause people to (have to) think. Goodness forbid. How could they do that? People thinking.

Stop. Nuff.