Anonymous People

LOP. Letter of Proposal. A silly title for a book, I know. Nomatter. The premise of (main character) meeting (another character) at (random airport) to change. The other (main) motivating factor for him to go to (another random airport) with (another character) is the “job” offer to drive car from coast to coast. (Main character) has no clue what waits him. The anonymous people! This is where/how the issue of good & evil melt. (Other character)’s family is also split, like the whole of American’t, but they have recognised the enemy. The civil servants and the politicians. Anonymous as they get. Put them on a pedestal and watch them fly. Or the one making the drive-car request. Stop

Are you bored enough now, Tommi? You’ve got to be kidding. Because you have nothing to say about a book you’ve been working on for years doesn’t mean you have to write shit like this down. The above is krapp. Scrap it. And scrap the compulsion to write if that’s all you can come up with.