Norm Obsolete

A (man) should only improve from on his mistake. A woman, on the other hand… When a man makes a mistake he can and should improve on it. But what of a woman? Is this the pay-back men get from so many (insert time here) of feminine frustration? And so I ask: are we the cause of their frustration? It can only be something bigger, something with more meaning. The (modern) woman certainly proves the theory (mythology or theology) that woman stems from a man’s rib. That’s why she’s a burden. Must be carried. But I’m proven wrong everyday with my Neanderthal mind, that my Neanderthal mind is just that. Ate too many ribs, I guess. I am now my only last (german word). For. Feigning ignorance I am. The assumptions I make. When is meaning canceled? When is what is spoken null and void? When is irony the norm and the norm obsolete?