Colorless Green

2005 09 28

Idear: a couple plus one. The one is the ex of couple female or vice versa. Couple male (or vice versa) is rich guy for some odd secret reason is willing to support couple female ex. Get that?

The only way to allow creativity to blossom is to avoid the compulsive behavior of planting plants for the sake of having green.

And while I’m on the (brief) subject of green… How ’bout a perfect sentence that makes no sense:

“Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.” -Noam Chomsky

Or something like that.

So much tie passing. Wasting. That is what wastes, isn’t it? Nomatter. What is time? The question of the day. Will (they) prove it to be a particle someday? Or at least to have (some kind of) mass? My excuse? For so much ineptitude? For so much inaction? I hate these periods where empathy is like shroom. So dizzy from its effect (or do I mean affect)? This doing of absolute nothing. To believe, fathom, I have read twenty pages of anything in over six weeks. My better half, this sweet thing, has no clue to my…

Stop. Move on.

LOP. Thought/idear: (Character) when he starts his cross-country trip will be given certain instructions from (other character).

1-no hitchhikers
2-no one but authorized personnel are allowed to drive the car, the pickups are not allowed to drive (because they have no drive license)
3-not allowed to use a mobile phone (how can (character) communicate)
4-If (character) driver decides to quit it is his responsibility to leave the car at a designated area otherwise he will be quartered with three legged horses. No. Will give (character) too much suspicion of…

Most of (above) rules (character) breaks. This is reason why (other character) is sent to see (character). This is the cause of (other character) conversation that (character) has lost his marbles. “What happened to your business acumen?” Rule. (Continued.)

5-never use a library (because of govt. checking books)

It is not god you question. You must question the authority that is using god to surpress you. Authority must forever be questioned. What right does authority have to exercise itself?

Idear: It’s the middle of Jan in New York. The weather is perfect. Eighty degrees fahrenheit and everyone is in beach wear, partying. Minimalist partying. There is a secret. (Behind what’s being seen.) Come on… Eighty degrees fahrenheit in NYC in January? Not a story about climate change, please.



Sharing On Horizon

LOP. Steroids. One of the things (character name) does after ENGAGEMENT is get back in shape. Taking care of his physical being. He also uses steroids which he acquired in Europe. This the idea that he has been surrounded by illicit drugs all his life. Whether in America or Europe. When driving the anonymous across America he stops to go jogging.

Kurt Vonnegut wants to help stop the erosion of one of America’s greatest but dying-out resources: imagination. No one wants to pay for tedious work. Sharing is only done when profits sit bright on the horizon. The only problem is people believe they are being told what sits on the horizon is real when it is really a sales pitch and a pyramid (scheme). The salesman is perfect at his task convincing everyone the illumines figure its on the edge of a flat earth, too.


Just another word to invent. The all encompassing fancy word that seems to describe all one can do to the penis. There I said it. I’m a vulgar redneck without recourse. And that, among all the juvenility, is all I have. I think.

“A Man Without A Country” by Kurt Vonnegut.

It should be a low (bereft of narrow interpretation) against the current man against man society we have hurdling around. (These days.) A law (of sorts) that prohibits one man (person) from determining the destiny of another. So, perhaps, the real question is: how can law, any law, be enforced? Oh, how I yearn to meet a genius. It has taken me all of forty-two (some odd) years to realize I’ve wanted to do such a thing. Oddly, upon realization, the exuberance is quickly dispelled; to meet such a genius is simply not in my stars. Makes me wonder how astrology is much a joke.

How to forget your past? The lingering dreams and day dreams that almost haunt me… I know that these dreams come for a reason. Something is behind them, although I am not sure what. My best guess for now is a last grappling of youth. My youth is long gone. Good riddens. But something holds on. Something against my will. Is this free-will? The free-will nature has given? Nonsense. Holding on is not an option. Discipline. The past I dream of is not so far in the past. That’s the irony to getting old, I guess. It’s just around the corner, right over there. Irony. So the real past is a past from a former life. Now that is distant. Distant irony? If only the (dimensionalist) could come up with an equation to explain the UTE (universal theory of everything). Then perhaps I could understand the dimensions better. Better is such a bad choice of words. Like all the rest used here. Vocabulary my great enemy. Ignorance my only friend. Taunt on.

The time has come for humans to make water. How do they go about doing it. The first logical step is system. Systematic. Don’t only thinking about getting it out of Hydrogen. But before they/we do that they must first wait for the curtain call and the show to begin.

America has found a way to turn survival into a commodity. Way to go.

Solieré plus Mozart.

Second scene.

Three and four scenes before pause. Someone actually said “pause” um es anzukundigen.

Back to the commodity issue. What to do when commerce saturates? One solution would be to allow or enable a new generation to fulfill what the status-quo generation cannot. What to do when the world has too many car makers? Obviously the west can only sustain itself for three of four generations with oil and cars. And so… the doctor boom was that first try. It obviously failed miserably. Will there be another try? Next in my generation.

Stop. Cease. Please.


Five Stages

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. The five stages of grief.

Whoever had it wrong. Women are not jealous of not having a penis. They are instead curious. Curious about the simplicity of the whole (or)deal.

They expel love. You know who? They will be kept or whores. Given to the whims only their bodies cause. Cause. Do you feel this leaving me? This, these, thoughts? Reader? Fellow loser. Comrade in worst. It is banging at my door about to leave. The will to write anything beyond my own self-indulgence. Like all the churches springing up in America. Falsity. Misguided. The only truth is suburban hell. There is nothing to repudiate. When the lies begin to flow. Who or what should determine the truth? If people prefer the pursuit of believing above truth-finding the dire and un-relinquish-ing future will pound a few projectiles in skulls. It is the blind not the living dead who lead through life. To where to what? It is the logic of this we pursue. The logic of soothing a consciousness. The logic of soothing conscious. Repeat it a third time and your doom is worse than that of the Jeannie. Certainly not the (almost) perfect organisation of the American bar mentality which so quickly replaces the grade-school mentality that is all we take with us to adulthood on account all schooling after that is about repressive sex. The only functioning on-site production example in the whole of America is: (?)

Tactic: actual means used to get something done.
Strategy: the overall plan.

The (a) role of government should be about promoting the common good in a society. Twenty-first century American government is the opposite of the above mentioned. Rely on individual discipline and initiative. Why would people (democracy) want such a system of government? Answer: money. This is what happens when money becomes (so) scarce and desirable. The only good is the sum of individual good. A (very) bad constellation on which we build society. And so‚ One must choose: we’re all in tis together or you’re on your own, dude. And I think we know what’s been chosen. But wait. There’s more in this mush (of mine). Every citizen is entitled to protection or you’re only entitled to what you can afford. Empathy and responsibility are out to lunch. Much of this taken/derived out of reading something on the other day, I think. See George Lakoff.

Also see judicial philosophy’s “narrow interpretation” which is intended to have maximum causal effect when it comes to enforcing the law.




Presupposing Opposition

The act of doing presupposes opposition… (see William Burroughs).

Cronyism, partiality, nepotism, favouritism. Stop.

How to get to a fascist state? You make the people want it. Is that what Italy did? Curious about those Italians. What is it, more or less, that western society does with its citizens? (Should I call them sheople? No. Later. Maybe.) It enables them to be individuals. But individuality by itself is not enough.Society must have a means to sustain itself. Right? The so-called rulers have the task of providing those means. Right? (This btw is not a democratic choice. Right?) How does one rely on individuality (alone)? It gives that individuality a cause. Purpose. If the proper psychological components are in place in the individual then the natural process culminating in individual initiative (can) emerge. What was once unpalatable has been coerced and can now easily bypass tastebuds.

Food you drink = soup
Soup you eat = stew

And so.

Create your own truth. You do so by alleviating alternatives. In this sense the content of a painting doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the frame. Once the frame is made (and the painting committed to the frame) there is no changing the content. You cannot reframe a picture of the mind when you have given the mind only the picture to think about.

Nonsense, indeed. Dry. Needs vermouth. Needs something. But that’s why I’m worst-writer. Now continue. If you dare.

What alternatives have been alleviated to give us the truth expelled by neo-conservatives in USA? Their truth is to assert the individual through the soup of society. Their truth is also to have the individual float or sink. Like the drowning of the witch in the Middle Ages and if she weighs more than a duck (see Monty Python). Swim or die. If you need something as an individual then you must take it upon yourself to be able to get on the backs of someone else or just plain outbid someone for it.

The problem with individuality is that it can impose itself on the family. This is manifested in the father and/or the broken family. Stop. Try again. Again. (This is going nowhere. Feel nothing with this subject matter.)

The femmes fell upon the dark times and all they had was spore machines to produce their sustain-ence. Just like the humans the femmes were given a chance. They too were told by the (their) creative forces that love was the answer. But as all others in the varying universes, such calls will never be heeded. Stop. Nowhere. Try again. Fail again.

What does “progressive” mean in the context of political orientation?

You see. You’re obnoxiously preoccupied. Get on somehow.

What the conservatives with Ronald Reagan started is the idear that reducing government would benefit the individual (in society). What has now occurred via this dogma (and it is a dogma, right?) is that there is no longer responsibility required of individuals. The Reagan dogma got the ball rolling and now it’s rolling over everyone. Break.

Antony and the Johnsons.

Move on.


Descriptive Innovation

So let’s go there. Democracy. Democracy? The answer is not in (any) centralized institution or government. I would like to think the answer is in the people who make up “democracy”. But what does that mean? Perhaps there should be a halt in responses to questions so that there can be more answers to question. And don’t forget. Descriptive innovation. The reason managers don’t innovate. For example. Auto Industry. Sudden changes are disruptive. You can engage in something or you can transcend it but change it? Stop.

Rulers Of Rome

You will never control an idea that has found (its) embodiment. Why is the voice of those who speak–the privilege of those who can be heard–basically the same? There is the conservative voice and then the so-called media voice–absent is a liberal voice because liberalism has lost all power. It has been demonized so thoroughly that it’s as though it almost never existed. Wait. Did it exist? That which makes media and conservative voice identical is compulsive behavior. Compulsive behavior. Feels good to repeat that. So let’s not. Stop. Wait. Ray Nagin. Mayor of New Orleans during its worst crisis. The only man who used a voice–a real, proper, good voice during a few days of catastrophe. The behavior of the US government is reprehensible. There I said it. Everyone who works for the government should be ashamed of themselves. Just like the rulers of Rome–who brought it down.

Car Thieves

Robbery. Two young blokes cut top of convertible this morn, around five A.M. Alarm scared them off. They came back short time later. I heard them and got out of bed and saw them through the window. I want out to meet them, to offer them what ever they were trying to steal but for whatever reason they ran off like chicklets. For whatever reason. Then I got around to thinking–without a cup of coffee: Why this makes me think of how we should/could save the children. Is the going to be the mystery of the day? Why is that adults use their children and turn them into thieves? Can’t we show them compassion? Usually before the camera. But the adults don’t really believe or live in that compassion. Or they don’t live such compassion. The hypocrisy behind the facade. The facade of the damage to my now cut and ripped roof of my car. Little shits.