Colorless Green

2005 09 28 Idear: a couple plus one. The one is the ex of couple female or vice versa. Couple male (or vice versa) is rich guy for some odd secret reason is willing to support couple female ex. Get that? The only way to allow creativity to blossom is to avoid the compulsive behavior … Continue reading Colorless Green

Sharing On Horizon

LOP. Steroids. One of the things (character name) does after ENGAGEMENT is get back in shape. Taking care of his physical being. He also uses steroids which he acquired in Europe. This the idea that he has been surrounded by illicit drugs all his life. Whether in America or Europe. When driving the anonymous across … Continue reading Sharing On Horizon


Just another word to invent. The all encompassing fancy word that seems to describe all one can do to the penis. There I said it. I'm a vulgar redneck without recourse. And that, among all the juvenility, is all I have. I think. "A Man Without A Country" by Kurt Vonnegut. It should be a … Continue reading Irrumatio

Five Stages

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. The five stages of grief. Whoever had it wrong. Women are not jealous of not having a penis. They are instead curious. Curious about the simplicity of the whole (or)deal. They expel love. You know who? They will be kept or whores. Given to the whims only their bodies cause. … Continue reading Five Stages

Presupposing Opposition

The act of doing presupposes opposition... (see William Burroughs). Cronyism, partiality, nepotism, favouritism. Stop. How to get to a fascist state? You make the people want it. Is that what Italy did? Curious about those Italians. What is it, more or less, that western society does with its citizens? (Should I call them sheople? No. … Continue reading Presupposing Opposition

Rulers Of Rome

You will never control an idea that has found (its) embodiment. Why is the voice of those who speak--the privilege of those who can be heard--basically the same? There is the conservative voice and then the so-called media voice--absent is a liberal voice because liberalism has lost all power. It has been demonized so thoroughly … Continue reading Rulers Of Rome

Car Thieves

Robbery. Two young blokes cut top of convertible this morn, around five A.M. Alarm scared them off. They came back short time later. I heard them and got out of bed and saw them through the window. I want out to meet them, to offer them what ever they were trying to steal but for whatever reason … Continue reading Car Thieves