Car Thieves

Robbery. Two young blokes cut top of convertible this morn, around five A.M. Alarm scared them off. They came back short time later. I heard them and got out of bed and saw them through the window. I want out to meet them, to offer them what ever they were trying to steal but for whatever reason they ran off like chicklets. For whatever reason. Then I got around to thinking–without a cup of coffee: Why this makes me think of how we should/could save the children. Is the going to be the mystery of the day? Why is that adults use their children and turn them into thieves? Can’t we show them compassion? Usually before the camera. But the adults don’t really believe or live in that compassion. Or they don’t live such compassion. The hypocrisy behind the facade. The facade of the damage to my now cut and ripped roof of my car. Little shits.