Five Stages

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. The five stages of grief.

Whoever had it wrong. Women are not jealous of not having a penis. They are instead curious. Curious about the simplicity of the whole (or)deal.

They expel love. You know who? They will be kept or whores. Given to the whims only their bodies cause. Cause. Do you feel this leaving me? This, these, thoughts? Reader? Fellow loser. Comrade in worst. It is banging at my door about to leave. The will to write anything beyond my own self-indulgence. Like all the churches springing up in America. Falsity. Misguided. The only truth is suburban hell. There is nothing to repudiate. When the lies begin to flow. Who or what should determine the truth? If people prefer the pursuit of believing above truth-finding the dire and un-relinquish-ing future will pound a few projectiles in skulls. It is the blind not the living dead who lead through life. To where to what? It is the logic of this we pursue. The logic of soothing a consciousness. The logic of soothing conscious. Repeat it a third time and your doom is worse than that of the Jeannie. Certainly not the (almost) perfect organisation of the American bar mentality which so quickly replaces the grade-school mentality that is all we take with us to adulthood on account all schooling after that is about repressive sex. The only functioning on-site production example in the whole of America is: (?)

Tactic: actual means used to get something done.
Strategy: the overall plan.

The (a) role of government should be about promoting the common good in a society. Twenty-first century American government is the opposite of the above mentioned. Rely on individual discipline and initiative. Why would people (democracy) want such a system of government? Answer: money. This is what happens when money becomes (so) scarce and desirable. The only good is the sum of individual good. A (very) bad constellation on which we build society. And so‚ One must choose: we’re all in tis together or you’re on your own, dude. And I think we know what’s been chosen. But wait. There’s more in this mush (of mine). Every citizen is entitled to protection or you’re only entitled to what you can afford. Empathy and responsibility are out to lunch. Much of this taken/derived out of reading something on the other day, I think. See George Lakoff.

Also see judicial philosophy’s “narrow interpretation” which is intended to have maximum causal effect when it comes to enforcing the law.