Just another word to invent. The all encompassing fancy word that seems to describe all one can do to the penis. There I said it. I’m a vulgar redneck without recourse. And that, among all the juvenility, is all I have. I think.

“A Man Without A Country” by Kurt Vonnegut.

It should be a low (bereft of narrow interpretation) against the current man against man society we have hurdling around. (These days.) A law (of sorts) that prohibits one man (person) from determining the destiny of another. So, perhaps, the real question is: how can law, any law, be enforced? Oh, how I yearn to meet a genius. It has taken me all of forty-two (some odd) years to realize I’ve wanted to do such a thing. Oddly, upon realization, the exuberance is quickly dispelled; to meet such a genius is simply not in my stars. Makes me wonder how astrology is much a joke.

How to forget your past? The lingering dreams and day dreams that almost haunt me… I know that these dreams come for a reason. Something is behind them, although I am not sure what. My best guess for now is a last grappling of youth. My youth is long gone. Good riddens. But something holds on. Something against my will. Is this free-will? The free-will nature has given? Nonsense. Holding on is not an option. Discipline. The past I dream of is not so far in the past. That’s the irony to getting old, I guess. It’s just around the corner, right over there. Irony. So the real past is a past from a former life. Now that is distant. Distant irony? If only the (dimensionalist) could come up with an equation to explain the UTE (universal theory of everything). Then perhaps I could understand the dimensions better. Better is such a bad choice of words. Like all the rest used here. Vocabulary my great enemy. Ignorance my only friend. Taunt on.

The time has come for humans to make water. How do they go about doing it. The first logical step is system. Systematic. Don’t only thinking about getting it out of Hydrogen. But before they/we do that they must first wait for the curtain call and the show to begin.

America has found a way to turn survival into a commodity. Way to go.

Solieré plus Mozart.

Second scene.

Three and four scenes before pause. Someone actually said “pause” um es anzukundigen.

Back to the commodity issue. What to do when commerce saturates? One solution would be to allow or enable a new generation to fulfill what the status-quo generation cannot. What to do when the world has too many car makers? Obviously the west can only sustain itself for three of four generations with oil and cars. And so… the doctor boom was that first try. It obviously failed miserably. Will there be another try? Next in my generation.

Stop. Cease. Please.