Cheap German Airline And Dodo

Condor DE314 > MRU (Mauritius)

Going to see the Dodo. Raphus Cucullatus. (SP?)

Will never fly Condor again. Never say never. This is the worst, most uncomfortable flight ever. Shame on airlines all. Now move on.

Is there a significant difference between reconciliation and compromise? A subtle difference. What of rights between payer and payee? A payer could demand something of a payee, especially when a tangible is not present. Buying services, for example. All I know. Can’t be much. By the look of things. By way ways go. I would think the only thing I had to give to this would are a few lost words of advice better used by the unborn or stupid people. Ok some young folk, who are kind of both. Love is a fallacy, for example. And in these days of nothingness it has reign supreme above all else. It is the most simple of all common demonstrations on which we divide everything that is human. For this to continue little is left to actually live for and yet what pushes (it) forward? The fact that I should better pay attention to things we’re flying by then writing things others will fly by… The fact that I should have sought out my war? That I fly over? When war has already found so many other men in history whose sped is worth more than me. The war is out there yet I have the comfort to be able to choose whether or not to go. And not out of fear but ideology or some other human fault not invented but simply codified. Now that’s a great word. As great as this boredom on this cramped flight. Will never fly Condor again. What a cheap German airline. But they do collect the fund, eh. Yes, to join at forty-two and thirty-two thousand feet. Win the war. The inner war. Get over the place you are traveling to now. Stop.