Domaine Du Chasseur

Domaine Du Chasseur. On top Mauritian mountain looking at Indian Ocean. Thought. The secret to life is knowing exactly what you want out of it. It is of the utmost importance that a young man know this. Otherwise. Forget it. Move on. Because life moves on with or without you. Trust me, I have survive this. And so. If all opportunity from a system is dried up, be at least told by a father (or mentor?) that he must know what he wants. And once he knows that make sure to somehow see if there is an opposite to what he wants. Get it? Otherwise you might be doomed for this world accepts no alternatives. It’s all or nothing. Nothing or all. This mountain. Peak out. Look at the deer growing below. They live on the mountainside. They are there for one purpose. Brought over on a ship to breed and provide fodder. Well, not fodder, per se. But maybe so. Oui. The deer of Mauritius were never there by nature but by nature’s antecedent: humans. Especially male humans that like to shoot things. Did they know what they wanted? (Out of life; silly question I know.) They were brought to this place to be slaughtered by men and their rifles, I presume. Like so many men/males. Otherwise. See mountain Domaine Du Chasseur. Get there and forget becoming a man. You will be among the French.

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