Example Cover Letter

This is almost a disclaimer: 1) Now that the peons of most Anglo corporations are scratching their monkey heads about where their futures are (not) going, it might be time to (re)think (a)knew. If thinking without emotional influence or monetary influence is a problem in your life, then you might want to review this documentation … Continue reading Example Cover Letter

Truth Seeking v2.0

(Something I’ve been working on and will likely never finish. As usual.) Subtitle: Isaac Newton and (My United Mistake’s) Radio Talking Heads It hurts me to say this but there is no such thing as truth seeking. Trust me, I’m American’t born - I know these things. Of late I feel compelled to promote this … Continue reading Truth Seeking v2.0

What Is Creative

There are times when I confuse myself so much I could bust. I’ve concluded over the years, with some systematic observation, that the eternal and infinite state of confusion I often find myself in might be the reason, in general, that so many men need sex as a sport instead of intimacy and/or procreation and/or … Continue reading What Is Creative