Endnotes In A Novel

Bitchin' and moaning' never ends. One of the settings for my unfinished novel Engagement is Germany. Being in Germany means there's no getting around the language. Although I don't have much trouble speaking German, writing it is another story. I’ll let Mark Twain explain that one to you. Anywho. While working on my book the … Continue reading Endnotes In A Novel

Job Krapp

Subtitle: Why does it have to be a career? It's difficult recalling the amount of correspondence I've written and forwarded in the past twenty years regarding employment. I am probably the best living example of a ”job jumper” anyone will ever find. Because of that, at forty-three I am unable to acquire a job where … Continue reading Job Krapp


A friend of mine was named by his parents “…”. I met most of his parents. In fact, recently I ran into one of his mothers at a bar in a part of town where large cars park illegally on the sidewalk in front of it and because they are so shinny and expensive the … Continue reading Friend