Endnotes In A Novel

Bitchin' and moaning' never ends. One of the settings for my unfinished novel Engagement is Germany. Being in Germany means there's no getting around the language. Although I don't have much trouble speaking German, writing it is another story. I’ll let Mark Twain explain that one to you. Anywho. While working on my book the … Continue reading Endnotes In A Novel

National Does A Judas

Popular = Good Life. Well, it’s finally come full circle. Da Vinci Snot  the film  has been released. And did you get a shot of that train delivering the privileged few from London to Cannes? Tom Hanks looked overly debonair and Ron Howard, that freaky child actor who was constantly the subject of my spit … Continue reading National Does A Judas

Job Krapp

Subtitle: Why does it have to be a career? It's difficult recalling the amount of correspondence I've written and forwarded in the past twenty years regarding employment. I am probably the best living example of a ”job jumper” anyone will ever find. Because of that, at forty-three I am unable to acquire a job where … Continue reading Job Krapp


A friend of mine was named by his parents “…”. I met most of his parents. In fact, recently I ran into one of his mothers at a bar in a part of town where large cars park illegally on the sidewalk in front of it and because they are so shinny and expensive the … Continue reading Friend