David Mamet 2

Subtitle: Nothing Good Is Organized

What can one say about a man that writes the screenplay for “The Post Man Always Rings Twice” (the remake)? Is the American’t idiom or colloquialism “wow” or “amazing” appropriate here? Or how about the movie “House of Cards”? To this day when I’m in a conflict with Female I always quote House of Cards by saying, “Thank you mother may I have another.” And then I hear the shots fired and feel the projectile splattering away at my lower innards and outers.

But here’s the thing. I like David Mamet. I like him very much as a writer of plays and screenplays. I’m not a hundred percent sure but I think we’d see eye-to-eye on other issues, too. But then again, maybe not. And there is something that I really, really don’t like about him.

I got a little tethered while reading this article. Here a quote from the article: ”The force which kept it (US corporate management) honest was the American labour movement.”

I apologize if Im getting a bit out of context here but Mamet writes with too much fervour regarding politics, corporatism and labour. Of course corporations are behind so much ill fated lobbying and social chaos in America but that is not a predetermined by-product of our construed, misconstrued and brilliant system. Then he writes that corporations and the Bush admin are out of control. But a system was put in place to keep it all in check and that system did not break down. What is Mamets point with this article? Everything is bad, join a union or organize, it’s Bushs fault, vote Democrat?


Mamet’s tone is too cold war for me. He forgets one very important aspect of today’s America. This aspect I believe is that ignorance and a lack in consciousness is the American problem. It is not nineteen century ideals or political dogma. America has become a people that would rather be entertained by WWF and sold miracle hair tonic that does everything from fix your house to reduce your taxes. The seller of the tonic, btw, is immortal idealist PT Barnum.

The system of checks and balances that was created by our forefathers that would help us keep it all together did NOT break down! The system was meant to give individuals not just the right but the capability to choose – individually. Election stolen here or there, the situation America is in now was inevitable. As an American the only thing I learned growing up were selfishness and greed  from grade school all the way through college. “Giving” in America – and I dare anyone to challenge this – only happens if taking comes first. In order to be a decent American one has to manage all the negatives. What kind of life is that?

No, I disagree with Mamet because nothing organized can be good. History has shown this. America, from its inception, was about chaos, greed but most importantly, individuality and everything and all else would be controlled by checks and balances aka law. We are no longer a land of individuals. We didnt forget who we are but instead gave up a long time ago on who we could be. The system proved that it works and that the people do not.

Btw, the PT Barnum hair tonic tastes good, too.

Here Mamet I.

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