Comprehension Equals Imagination

Subtitle: There Are No Corners in Space.

(Pic of Monolith from 2001 Space Odyssey)

Comprehension has always been my predicament. In a world where everything is delivered to the mind without effort its a wonder that human beings havent evolved into bio-electric globs of suitable jelly that are able to spew out perfect computer code. I have always suspected that comprehension is a way for society to control itself. The idea is that unless motivated using comprehension humans beings will end up lying all over the streets, or in front of TVs, PCs or fast-food counters mutating into something socially unacceptable and costing brain-dead workers with careers – those who are able to cope – all their perks and peeves.

-We have to put a stop to that, one human says.

-Let’s invent something then, another human says.


-Corners!, they both say simultaneously.

-And let’s use it to control things, one says.

-The inside or the outside of the corners, one human asks.

For me, the idea of comprehension was never about schooling, learning or acclimation but instead space, time and material. At certain moments it would be synonymous with imagination – which was the alternative to space, time and material. Of course this had an effect on my ability to be part of what society prepares one for but on the other hand it also enabled a mindset that would help me survive – a step down from the above mentioned ”cope” – and not turn into jelly.

Quite the contradiction. And not very profitable. Hence I have no job, no career, and no friends. Boo-whoo.

Getting through the rigmarole of everyday life – as of two-thousand-six – should be a joke. Why most people in the West dont rebel against this system – or at the least ask why it has become so stagnant and self-serving – is beyond me. I cannot comprehend it. Obviously. The only thing I can come up with is that there are too many people out there who comprehend everything but imagine nothing.

There is an alternative.

Comprehensive imagination?

Heres an example:

The universe does not know what a corner is. Let me repeat. There is no such thing in the entire universe as a corner. At the most there is only a right-angle in the universe but this is used to designate cognitive deviations from acceptable behaviour.

I mean, didn’t Einstein have to re-invent geometry to get to his theory of general relativity? You know, the bending of space and all that stuff.

Just the other day I was starring at the high ceiling of the apartment I live in – it was built around eighteen- ninety, the ceiling is thirteen feet high – and became utterly focused on the corner where two walls meet with the ceiling. I got to thinking: if aliens came to earth one of the first things they would notice in everything we (humans) have built are the corners. They would think:

What dead-ends.

Naturally, their space ships will be round, they know nothing about ballistics, hence they have no rockets and when they inquire about what we’ve done and then humans try to sweet-talk them about things like the amazing pyramids, they will just laugh their alien laugh and the stage will be set for War of the Worlds all on account we have no imagination.

Human beings function so counter to the ways of the universe that it will be no surprise that aliens would never even bother to set foot down here. They are obviously waiting for the right moment when we can cross-over to great minds.

Either that or:

The reality is there are no aliens because they are stuck in the corners we’ve made with our minds.

Rant on.